A Vision

A great project completed. It was a vision to create something special in this remote and pristine area on the Costalegre of Mexico. The house is totally unexpected in this location with rustic being the norm. The process, starting with the purchase of the land, putting in infrastructure, a well, power, water systems, and the house itself, could be subject for a book. All told, it represents a decade of persistence, imagination, and hard work. It would not have happened without an amazing crew on the construction, and the friends in the local community. Now, it is time to move on to new things and a new project. I consider this my best design work... to date. I am currently creating content, photography and video for a documentary project called An American Mosaic. John Van Dyke

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Less is More at Casa J

I did not believe a place like this still existed, I knew I needed to design this house.

Casa J is not just a house, it is an experience

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch November 10, 2016

β€œIt reminded me of Baja and Cabo San Lucas 40 years earlier.” The place John Van Dyke is talking about is Cabo Corrientes, a region just two hours southwest of Puerto Vallarta and the site of Casa J, a minimalist house that melts into the desolate surroundings. Located on the Pacific Coast, Casa J was designed by owner-architect Van Dyke, who is a Seattle-based award-winning designer that discovered the pristine landscape nearly ten years ago. Encompassed by practically untouched miles of beach and the looming Sierra Madre mountains, Casa J uses its surroundings to its advantage to create a unique and peaceful experience.

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A place that inspires creative thought