I did not believe a place like this still existed, I knew I needed to design this house.

Casa J is not just a house, it is an experience

In Architecture & Design by Suzanne Koch November 10, 2016

“It reminded me of Baja and Cabo San Lucas 40 years earlier.” The place John Van Dyke is talking about is Cabo Corrientes, a region just two hours southwest of Puerto Vallarta and the site of Casa J, a minimalist house that melts into the desolate surroundings. Located on the Pacific Coast, Casa J was designed by owner-architect Van Dyke, who is a Seattle-based award-winning designer that discovered the pristine landscape nearly ten years ago. Encompassed by practically untouched miles of beach and the looming Sierra Madre mountains, Casa J uses its surroundings to its advantage to create a unique and peaceful experience.

exterior from beach.jpg

A quite place that inspires creative thought. The design was influenced by my travels in Morocco, a favorite place in early Cabo San Lucas, and a place on the island of Lamu off the coast of Kenya.

ocean suite.jpg